OMG…this thing is so AWESOME!  The quality is fantastic and my handicapped girl, Belle, LOVES IT!  Now she can enjoy walks again in her awesome stroller.  This is going to make our 3 week vacation from WY to VA so much easier.  I am so glad I found you folks and would love to post a blog.  I can’t get over what a great product we received.  Amazon had one for $750 and it is not as cool as your buggy….plus we are HUGE Seahawk fans and it is blue!  Lots of reflectors and so many access panels.  The swiveling wheel in the front really makes moving a breeze!  I am so happy with this and really appreciate you folks getting it shipped out to me ASAP.  We originally ordered a buggy from Amazon for $125.  We were shocked (after waiting over a week for it) to find out that we had ordered the conversion kit ONLY…not the cart…for $125! I saw your cart on the site and when Amazon would not give me a way to expedite delivery, I went right to the source.  You guys really helped us out and got the cart shipped ASAP.  Except for an error by UPS sending it to an incorrect shipping hub, we were more than pleased.  We have it…it is assembled (by a 5 thumbs person)…and ready to head to VA at 3am on Sat morning.  Thanks again….so much!

Kim Locke

Kim Locke

Hi Edward:

Thank you for providing such a great Booyah stroller, we love it, and we loved that it allowed us to have our precious pet with us on our activities.

Cheyenne did great on our trip to Cambria.  We were able to walk on the Fiscalini Trail there…right along the ocean with her in her new stroller.  It was great.  When we got to the trail she was a bit reluctant to jump in and my son instructed her to do so.  Once she was in I zipped up the front and back and she popped her head out of the top.  She rode that way the entire trail, but that was okay.  I was hoping she’d lay down and relax, but she didn’t.  It was actually helpful though to have her in this position because it put her weight at the front of the stroller which helps with balancing (see first photo).  You can see in the second photo that we’re all having a good time.


Thank you for all of the patience you demonstrated through all of my questions and operator errors.

Kind regards,


Matt, Jan, Julie, Chey on trail 7.2013

Jan Seamons and the Booyah dog stroller.

This is a customer submission from Canada using our stroller in the snow.    Bull dog, Cam, comfy warm and happy inside our Booyah Large Pet Stroller with shocks.

Because of the use in snow, our customer choose the Booyah Stroller for the large 12 inch Pnumatic front wheel.

“The stroller works great in the snow.  It had no troble in the snow even with a 75lb English Bull dog in it.”


Booyah Large Pet Trailer Stroller with Shocks

Here is a photo a customer from southern California sent to us. She is using our Booyah medium pet stroller/trailer.

The white dog (Jullian) in the picture is blind from cataracts and needs eye surgery to keep him out of pain. Jullian and Ella are very attached to each other and can now go out together. He no longer has to be left alone at home.

Thanks for the photo Heidi!


Customer Submission