Large Pet Stroller and Trailer – Blue

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This is our large size pet stroller and trailer for large dogs 88 lbs or less.  Not all dogs will fit in this trailer.  Please check the interior dimensions against your pet before purchase.

NOTE:  THIS IS A BULKY ITEM.  DO NOT GET A LARGE IF YOU DON’T NEED IT.  DO YOUR MEASUREMENTS!!.  Original shipping fee and 20% restocking fee if returned.  Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.  Return shipping fee is approximately $35 to $50.

Please check doorways and elevators that you will be using. Width of stroller is 31.5 inches. Large pet trailer and stroller with suspension.

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Comes with everything to be used as a stroller and a bike trailer. Please check doorways and elevators that you will be using. Width of stroller is 31.5 inches. Large pet trailer and stroller with suspension. Weight: 40lbs


3 layer sunroof ( Closed/Mesh Screen/Open) Safety Flag, Reflectors on front, back and tires. Side storage pockets. 12 inch front wheel. 20 inch rear wheel. Adjustable handlebar. Removable cushion and leash. Adjustable handlebar, side storage pockets, rear prongs for storage of front wheel. Hand brake that has parking mode. Suspension and safety flag. Weight: 40 lbs.


Inside: 30 x 22 x 22 H Outside: 56 x 32 x 39 H

Max Tow Capacity

88 lbs Weight: 40lbs

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Large Pet Stroller and Trailer – Blue

  1. 5 out of 5


    I received my large Booyah dog stroller (blue) today. Although I did an enormous amount of research before committing to this particular dog stroller, I was still completely FLOORED by the quality of your product. My husband even asked if this was really a stroller for children that I was using for our pets because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail it has. I wanted a stroller that could not only accommodate my 3 small yorkies at once, but also my 3 Maine Coon cats (at separate time, of course). I was tired of having to make separate vet appointments because of being unable to control all three dogs at once or having to carry 3 separate cat carriers. This stroller will allow me to take all the dogs & cats to the vet in two separate visits, as well as on relaxing long walks. And because the unit is so stylish, I won’t feel like the “crazy” cat lady or “psycho” dog woman when I’m pushing my babies around. Thanks Booyah! It seems like you thought of everything when you designed this!”

  2. 5 out of 5


    OMG…this thing is so AWESOME! The quality is fantastic and my handicapped girl, Belle, LOVES IT! Now she can enjoy walks again in her awesome stroller. This is going to make our 3 week vacation from WY to VA so much easier. I am so glad I found you folks and would love to post a blog. I can’t get over what a great product we received. Amazon had one for $750 and it is not as cool as your buggy….plus we are HUGE Seahawk fans and it is blue! Lots of reflectors and so many access panels. The swiveling wheel in the front really makes moving a breeze! I am so happy with this and really appreciate you folks getting it shipped out to me ASAP. We originally ordered a buggy from Amazon for $125. We were shocked (after waiting over a week for it) to find out that we had ordered the conversion kit ONLY…not the cart…for $125! I saw your cart on the site and when Amazon would not give me a way to expedite delivery, I went right to the source. You guys really helped us out and got the cart shipped ASAP. Except for an error by UPS sending it to an incorrect shipping hub, we were more than pleased. We have it…it is assembled (by a 5 thumbs person)…and ready to head to VA at 3am on Sat morning. Thanks again….so much! Kim Locke

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